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Data Entry

Our data entry service will help collect and manage data so that it can be used to analyze business functions, productivity, and redundancies.

Calendar Management

Our calendar management services can assist with maintaining your calendars, which will include any scheduling and rescheduling appointments, travel plans, meetings, and conferences.

Business Start up Assistance

Our business start-up assistance services provide assistance with registering your business, assisting with obtaining EIN Number, change of address, assist with submission of business corporation filling information, and forms, such as Certificate of Amendment, Certificate of Correction, Certificates of Conversion, etc. We'll also send out the business welcome packet, ordering letterheads/business cards and more.

Bookkeeping and payroll duties; calcuating hours, adding expenses, and updating salaries

Performing banking needs

Writing and sending invoices to clients

Checking emails and responf to customer inquires managing spam

Creating and sending out greeting cards, invitations, and newletters, and thank you notes

Scheduleding appointment with clients and businesses and salespeople

Proofreading documents and other officer materials

Coverting and merging and splitting PDF filers

Lauching and mainitaing cloud  computing accounts (Dropbox, Onedrive, Google)

Producing graphs  (Excel specalist)

Vendor Management

Our vendor management services can assist with overseeing relationships between business and its vendors and/or suppliers from the start of the contract through the sales process and after.

When outsourcing medical administrative tasks to an independent contractor/virtual assistant, it is less expensive as you do not pay taxes, PTO, vacation or any of the other benefits given to an employee and I would fill in the administrative gaps within your practice. Some of the tasks that I handle are prior authorization for medications including injectables and/or procedures, disability/FMLA forms, appeal letters, pre/post-op follow up, benefit verification, coverage when your staff is out of the office (sick, vacation, PTO, if they seek other employment etc.) and more. I have attached my flyer which outlines the benefits of outsourcing to a virtual assistant as well as some of the other services that I provide. I would like to speak more about assisting your practice if you are open to outsourcing. References available upon request.

All Accounts Payable Functions: Invoice entry, validation, and payment
Vendor Relationship Management
Financial Analysis
Monthly bank and credit card reconciliation 

Maid Services • Commercial & Residential Cleaning • Turn Cleaning • Carpet Cleaning • Wash & Fold • Transportation • Airport Drop Off • Window Washing • Childcare • Currier • Concierge Services • Property Management • Location Stagings • Amenity Setting • Virtual Assistant

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