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  1. Writing down minutes from meetings and then creating a detailed document.

  2. Transcribing voicemail, video or audio, podcasts and meeting recordings.

  3. Recruiting for potential team members and contractors or freelancers.

  4. Researching on important data, statistics and facts for meetings, presentations or blogs.

  5. Performing generic errands for the office, including buying items online, arranging locations for office parties and hiring a cleaning service.

  6. Placing ads career websites, reviewing resumes and contacting the right candidates.

  7. Interviewing job applicants and speaking with references.

  8. Training on-site employees, virtual staff members or freelancers.

  9. Turning raw data into a detailed report and slideshow.

  10. Developing and delivering slideshow presentations.

  11. Searching for hotels, booking airfares and mapping out trip itineraries for business.

  12. Monitor and report on latest industry developments and trends to brief SBO.

  13. Collecting documents for tax season.

  14. Create a business-wide project management system online.

  15. Managing projects: staying in touch with subcontractors, emailing reports, using online calendars and calling team leaders informing them of deadlines.

  16. Sending a gift card or thank you note to your clients on holidays and anniversaries.

  17. Speaking with customer service representatives for tech support, banking issues, etc.

  18. Conducting background, credit and criminal checks on staffers.

  19. Running an internal office or challenge so employees can receive bonuses.

  20. Putting together welcome and goodbye packages for both clients and staff.

  21. Searching for and contacting industry experts or guests to participate in podcasts and webinars.

  22. Providing suggestions and recommendations when company is not meeting monthly, quarterly and annual goals.

  23. Taking care of customer refunds.

  24. Producing customer care scripts for customer service requests.

Grant Writing

Our grant preparation services include analyzing grant budget and monitors expense activity. We'll resolve grant problems with sponsors and administration, gathers accurate and timely information to prepare reports for agencies and companies, performs accounts-receivable collections. Services also include negotiating, awarding, and reviewing all reimbursement requests for appropriateness, and ensure that awardees are in compliance with established administrative and financial policies, procedures, and sound business practices.

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